Personal Injury: Threshold Injury

Personal Injury: Threshold Injury

personal injury lawfirmsThreshold injuries are critical injuries. To fall in this class, the injury must have caused significant damage, and either be permanent or restrict a person’s ability to do normal, daily activities for a particular period.

Many states use what are regarded to as the Threshold Injury Doctrine. If you’re injured in a car collision and fail to meet the threshold, your case could be rejected. Although the various states define threshold injuries differently, some are indifferent to all.

Types of Threshold injuries:

personal injury lawfirmFractures.
Loss or significant limitation of a body organ.
Significant disfigurement or scarring.
A medically-certified injury or impairment that may be non-permanent, which prevents you from doing acts that are common and usual for at least 80 days of the 190 days following your injury.

Carefully make a decision to file a lawsuit. You don’t want to file suit, then have it immediately dismissed. If your injuries don’t meet the inception, and you live in one of the states adhering to the law, give very serious thought to settling your case – even for less than you think it’s worth. Although, it’s always a great idea to talk with an attorney.

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