Options For Dealing With Personal Injury Bills After A Car Accident

Options For Dealing With Personal Injury Bills After A Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is an extremely traumatic experience. If you are injured, it is essential to have your injuries treated right away. Anytime you get medical care, you will receive a bill for your treatment from the healthcare provider. Trying to come up with money to cover emergency care or ongoing treatment after an accident can add to the stress of the experience. Along with recovering from your injuries, you also have to try to figure out how you are going to pay your medical bills.

There are several different options for dealing with personal injury bills after a car accident. If you are working with an attorney, you should discuss the best course of action with them. They can provide you with advice that is specific to your situation. As a general rule of thumb, however, there are a few basic options that you can consider.

First, if you have health insurance, you can submit the bills to your insurance company. With this option, you will still need to pay your deductible out of your own pocket. Once your deductible is met, however, your insurance plan should cover the additional expenses.

The next option is to see if your medical expenses are covered under your car insurance policy or under the insurance policy of the other driver. If you or the other driver opted for medical payments coverage, the car insurance company should cover the cost of your medical expenses. You will need to read the details of the insurance policy carefully to see what is and isn’t included. If you live in Reno NV your personal injury lawyer in Reno can assist you with this process and can also help ensure that you get the money that you deserve.

You most likely will have to pay your medical bills because of your personal injury out of your own pocket

If you don’t have health insurance and if neither car insurance policy includes medical coverage, you most likely will have to pay your medical bills out of your own pocket. This can be extremely expensive, depending on the severity of your injuries. Even a necessary trip to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars. If you need more extensive care, your medical bills will only go up from there.

If you don’t have money to pay your bills and bill collectors start hounding you, you should forward all of their correspondence to your attorney. Your lawyer can contact the companies on your behalf to try to get the collection efforts to stop. Typically, this involves letting the companies know that they will be paid as soon as a settlement is reached.

In many cases, the companies will be willing to wait for their payments as long as they know that they are coming. If not, your lawyer may be able to negotiate more favorable terms. For instance, they may be able to help you set up a payment plan that you can afford so that you aren’t feeling overly stressed about money. After you get your settlement, you can then pay off all of the debt that you owe.

No matter which option applies to your situation, it is absolutely essential to save copies of all of your medical bills. Anytime you receive a statement from a doctor or hospital, send the correspondence to your attorney and keep a copy for your records. That way, your attorney can make sure that the settlement you receive is large enough to cover all of the medical expenses that you incur.

Dealing with personal injury bills after a car accident can be quite stressful. The best option is always to listen to the advice of your attorney. Typically, you will either wind up submitting your bills to your health insurance company, seeking reimbursement from a car insurance company or paying the bills yourself out of the settlement money that you receive.

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