How to clean handheld vacuum filters? 

Your handheld vacuum cleaners were invented to offer you greater convenience while cleaning your home. Handheld vacuum cleaners delivered their promise of portability while maintaining a standard suction power. Quite vividly, these cleaners made life easier with everything they had to offer on their part. Now when these machines have been working, the only responsibility that falls on you is their maintenance. Maintenance forms a vital part of your handheld vacuum long life. If you are able to be regular with maintenance, you would continue to receive a satisfactory performance from these machines. The filter of your handheld vacuum cleaner is an essential organ in its engineering.

Thus, it deserves proper maintenance. However, you need to be aware of how to take care of it. For that, go through what follows. 


Keep your device manual handy 

It is highly recommended that you go through the manual that comes with your device. There would be instructions listed in the manual that state the type of filter your machine has. Look specifically for the washable tag. If your filter happens to be not washable, consider doing away with water during the cleaning process. Also, note that you should clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner ideally after every 3-4 uses. 

With that prior knowledge, go ahead and take the filter out of the machine. 


Get rid of dust 

Your vacuum cleaner filter would have a huge amount of dust accumulated all over it. To clean this dust, consider going near your heap of garbage so that the dust does not spread into the air or the surroundings. Gently tap your filter over the garbage in order that most of the dust particles get into the garbage. After that, grab one of those soft brushes and use it to brush off the remaining dust particles. Maximum dust particles would be removed in this manner. 

If your filter happens to be washable 

Mind you, go through your manual again to find out if your filter is washable or not. With wrong knowledge, you may end up damaging your filter irreversibly. If, however, your filter is washable, you may rinse it under a soft stream of water. 


Put the filter back in place 


Once you are done with cleaning the filter, you can put it back in place. Remember, if you chose to use water while cleaning it, you must wait before it dries out thoroughly prior to putting it back in place. 


Consider replacing the filter 


Even if your maintenance is pretty good and your filter is cleaned regularly, you cannot go beyond the specific lifespan of your filter. Read your manual to know when the filter should be replaced. If the time is around, replace your filter before it starts to get worse. A bad filter can adversely affect the performance of your handheld vacuum cleaner and can ultimately lead to rendering the motor useless. 


Thus, maintenance of the filter has a major role to play in ridding your home of dust particles. You may now consider cleaning your very own filter. Happy vacuuming! 

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