How to Begin A Personal Injury Claim

How to Begin A Personal Injury Claim

personal injury attorneysA claim starts after a victim is harmed or suffers personal or property damage or both prompted by another driver’s carelessness. The victim pursues the at-fault driver, cover the resulting costs, who turns the subject over to his insurance company.

Once the insurance company is notified, it creates a claim number and assigns the injury case to a claims adjuster. The adjuster opens a claim and communicates with the victim to negotiate a settlement. If they agree on the first settlement, a lawsuit will not proceed.

The Claim Will Need Proof

personal injury lawfirmsTo settle the personal injury case, the adjuster of the claim will need proof that the accident was caused by insured at-fault driver that their client was negligent and that the victim’s wounds are severe enough to fit for a settlement. To have this proof, the adjuster will review the facts of the case that includes:

Reviewing your medical report and bills.
Going to the accident scene and take photos.
Evaluating any other evidence you provide.
Speaking with you, and any eyewitnesses to the collision.
Considering the police report.
Estimating repair costs and looking over the damage to your car.

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