7 Rules to make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee is what keeps you going throughout the day. This little beverage has the power to make life easy with just the perfect brew. Like all ideal concepts, a perfect brew is just a myth. However, you can tend to a perfect brew by following certain rules that we are going to discuss in this article. A new person tasting coffee would readily accept any taste but coffee enthusiasts do know that their ideal cup of coffee is not achievable without certain aspects in mind.

For that ideal cup, we need to go about brewing in a specified manner. That manner is composed of some guidelines that follow: 

 1. Ensure cleanliness of your equipment 

This is the golden rule. Mind you, any clutters in your best keurig coffee makers reviewed by SolidGoldEats can significantly hamper the goodness of your coffee. You should run small cleanups after every use to make sure that the brewer remains free of any particulate matter. 

 2. Look out for the heat 

A good cup of coffee actually requires an apt temperature to form. Extra hot water can extract unnecessary compounds from the coffee beans. These compounds lead to a bitter cup of coffee that it actually should be. The globally recognized apt temperature for brewing coffee is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It should also be kept in mind that boiling and reheating your coffee can also lead to a foul taste. 

 3. Check your filters 

There are cheaply priced coffee filters available in the market. Experts recommend that you do not rely on these as they lead to inferior coffee. You should rather find dioxin free or oxygen bleached paper filters for your brewing purposes. These kinds of filters are capable of producing well flavored coffee. 

 4. Check your supply of water 

Your cup of coffee depends heavily on the quality of water that you use. Extremely purified water is as harmful to your coffee as impure water is. So you need to make sure that you use good water with proper mineral content to be able to extract flavors properly from your coffee beans. 

 5. Prefer grinding the beans yourself 

As a matter of fact, coffee starts losing its flavor immediately after grinding. This implies that your old coffee would not be good enough for that perfect cup of coffee you are looking for. It is highly recommended that you brew your coffee immediately after a fresh grind so that you move closer to your perfect cup from the perfect coffee brewer.

 6. Look out for good coffee beans 

There are coffee beans available that state their region of origin. These beans are termed specialty coffee and are considered better. You should prefer Arabica beans over Robusta beans for their quality. 

 7. Take care of your coffee beans 

As we have already mentioned, fresh coffee beans brew better. So you may need to keep them fresh by preserving them in proper airtight containers. Also, remember that your coffee should never be kept in the fridge as they can easily pick up odors and moisture. 

You can readily call them thumb rules while you brew your perfect cup of coffee. Happy brewing!