Coffee Brewers – The Best in the World 

Coffee has its own undeniable charm that cannot be ignored. We crave coffee at all times. This calls for a coffee brewer at home. The increasing demand for coffee brewers leads to the creation of a market. Simple economics. However, not everything available in that market is worth playing with your favorite cup of coffee. You need to choose a coffee brewer like the review of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 for yourself wisely. It should meet your coffee needs at all times compromising with anything but coffee. That is why we have handpicked some coffee brewers for you. We will tag them, “best in the world” because of coffee matters.

Let us now go on to find out which brewers are pleasing enough to make it to the list. 

Behmor Brewer 

This brewer is actually pretty smart. It is smart enough to come with an app. It lets you deal with every small detail of your coffee. Priced at 350 dollars, this machine is pretty much value for money. The accuracy of this machine is surreal; you can actually have the exact same cup of coffee over and over again and that too right from your bed. Yes, the app works as a remote control to this machine and allows you to have full control over the process without having to move even a bit from your location. 

Considering aesthetics, this machine wins in that place too. 

Chemex Ottomatic 

This machine boasts of a state of the art process of brewing coffee that is capable of putting baristas to shame. It produces a better appreciable coffee with a price tag of 350 dollars. This is a high-end machine and can produce simple cups of coffee loaded with quality as it works in the optimum range of coffee. The price tag may look massive for a simple coffee maker, but the amount of precision that this machine offers is unparalleled. 

Bunn My Cafe MCU 

This machine is specifically handcrafted for those who want their cups of coffee ready before sunlight reaches the surface of the earth.  Priced at 160 dollars, this machine can prove itself worthy of every penny you spend on it with its versatility. 

Cuisinart DCC-3200 

This machine is surprising. Priced at just 81 dollars, it is loaded with scores of features. You can easily adjust the water content in your coffee with this machine. Moreover, the machine boasts of a self-cleaning mechanism. With an unbelievable price tag, this machine also allows you to pause the process of brewing midway. 

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 

This is an affordable option for just 60 dollars. The machine is both efficient as well as consistent in its work and can provide you back to back cups of coffee without any issue. You can even set the machine to brew at a specific time of the day. 

Bonavita BV1900TS 

This machine is arguably the best of the lot that we have in discussion today. It is compact and is priced at 135 dollars. This machine is capable of extracting the full essence of coffee and come up with the best coffee you have ever tasted. 

This list has something for every category of coffee lovers. Do not kill much time on reading more lists, go buy yourself one!  

7 Rules to make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee is what keeps you going throughout the day. This little beverage has the power to make life easy with just the perfect brew. Like all ideal concepts, a perfect brew is just a myth. However, you can tend to a perfect brew by following certain rules that we are going to discuss in this article. A new person tasting coffee would readily accept any taste but coffee enthusiasts do know that their ideal cup of coffee is not achievable without certain aspects in mind.

For that ideal cup, we need to go about brewing in a specified manner. That manner is composed of some guidelines that follow: 

 1. Ensure cleanliness of your equipment 

This is the golden rule. Mind you, any clutters in your best keurig coffee makers reviewed by SolidGoldEats can significantly hamper the goodness of your coffee. You should run small cleanups after every use to make sure that the brewer remains free of any particulate matter. 

 2. Look out for the heat 

A good cup of coffee actually requires an apt temperature to form. Extra hot water can extract unnecessary compounds from the coffee beans. These compounds lead to a bitter cup of coffee that it actually should be. The globally recognized apt temperature for brewing coffee is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It should also be kept in mind that boiling and reheating your coffee can also lead to a foul taste. 

 3. Check your filters 

There are cheaply priced coffee filters available in the market. Experts recommend that you do not rely on these as they lead to inferior coffee. You should rather find dioxin free or oxygen bleached paper filters for your brewing purposes. These kinds of filters are capable of producing well flavored coffee. 

 4. Check your supply of water 

Your cup of coffee depends heavily on the quality of water that you use. Extremely purified water is as harmful to your coffee as impure water is. So you need to make sure that you use good water with proper mineral content to be able to extract flavors properly from your coffee beans. 

 5. Prefer grinding the beans yourself 

As a matter of fact, coffee starts losing its flavor immediately after grinding. This implies that your old coffee would not be good enough for that perfect cup of coffee you are looking for. It is highly recommended that you brew your coffee immediately after a fresh grind so that you move closer to your perfect cup from the perfect coffee brewer.

 6. Look out for good coffee beans 

There are coffee beans available that state their region of origin. These beans are termed specialty coffee and are considered better. You should prefer Arabica beans over Robusta beans for their quality. 

 7. Take care of your coffee beans 

As we have already mentioned, fresh coffee beans brew better. So you may need to keep them fresh by preserving them in proper airtight containers. Also, remember that your coffee should never be kept in the fridge as they can easily pick up odors and moisture. 

You can readily call them thumb rules while you brew your perfect cup of coffee. Happy brewing! 

How to clean handheld vacuum filters? 

Your handheld vacuum cleaners were invented to offer you greater convenience while cleaning your home. Handheld vacuum cleaners delivered their promise of portability while maintaining a standard suction power. Quite vividly, these cleaners made life easier with everything they had to offer on their part. Now when these machines have been working, the only responsibility that falls on you is their maintenance. Maintenance forms a vital part of your handheld vacuum long life. If you are able to be regular with maintenance, you would continue to receive a satisfactory performance from these machines. The filter of your handheld vacuum cleaner is an essential organ in its engineering.

Thus, it deserves proper maintenance. However, you need to be aware of how to take care of it. For that, go through what follows. 

Keep your device manual handy 

It is highly recommended that you go through the manual that comes with your device. There would be instructions listed in the manual that state the type of filter your machine has. Look specifically for the washable tag. If your filter happens to be not washable, consider doing away with water during the cleaning process. Also, note that you should clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner ideally after every 3-4 uses. 

With that prior knowledge, go ahead and take the filter out of the machine. 

Get rid of dust 

Your vacuum cleaner filter would have a huge amount of dust accumulated all over it. To clean this dust, consider going near your heap of garbage so that the dust does not spread into the air or the surroundings. Gently tap your filter over the garbage in order that most of the dust particles get into the garbage. After that, grab one of those soft brushes and use it to brush off the remaining dust particles. Maximum dust particles would be removed in this manner. 

If your filter happens to be washable 

Mind you, go through your manual again to find out if your filter is washable or not. With wrong knowledge, you may end up damaging your filter irreversibly. If, however, your filter is washable, you may rinse it under a soft stream of water. 

Put the filter back in place 

Once you are done with cleaning the filter, you can put it back in place. Remember, if you chose to use water while cleaning it, you must wait before it dries out thoroughly prior to putting it back in place. 

Consider replacing the filter 

Even if your maintenance is pretty good and your filter is cleaned regularly, you cannot go beyond the specific lifespan of your filter. Read your manual to know when the filter should be replaced. If the time is around, replace your filter before it starts to get worse. A bad filter can adversely affect the performance of your handheld vacuum cleaner and can ultimately lead to rendering the motor useless. 

Thus, maintenance of the filter has a major role to play in ridding your home of dust particles. You may now consider cleaning your very own filter. Happy vacuuming! 

Why everything tastes better on grill? 

Something magical happens on your grill. If you ever happened to taste the grilled food, you would have dreamt of owning your own grill just for the sake of the flavor grilled food carries with it. It is pretty much the forte of a grill to produce a better tasting delight effortlessly, often leaving you wondering about the process. If deductions are to be considered, it is not something magical that happens on the grill. It is actually the magic of science.

Well yeah, it is magical indeed but has its proofs and reasons backing it up. While the question in the title may seem downright stupid, it is pertinent. So let us go through an elucidation that comes from science.

What actually happens

You fire up your indoor grill to reach a certain temperature. Once this temperature crosses the threshold of 285 degrees, a reaction that has been called as Maillard reaction in chemistry takes place in your food. This reaction is essentially a reaction between sugars and amino acids found in the food that we you generally barbecue. This reaction takes the responsibility for the seared taste and brown color of barbecued food. Consequently, you may thank Maillard reaction if you love your barbecued food.

Then there is caramelization

Another reaction that complements the aforementioned Maillard reaction is termed as caramelization. This is basically the oxidation of sugars found in your food. The result of this reaction is a sweet taste you would often encounter with your barbecued food. You may link this reason to the mystery of stellar taste of grilled vegetables. The sugars present in these vegetables turn into flavor rich clusters when caramelized. However, the heat required for this process depends heavily on the specific vegetable.

But before you get too excited

Heat is essential for the Maillard reaction and caramelization but we warn against overdoing your food. Before increasing the amount of heat you provide to your food, do realize the fact that excessive heat not only destroys the taste produced but also leads to the production of cancer-causing compounds. Instead of investing too much into the heat, consider buying yourself a reliable thermometer so as to keep a check on the heat.

The color

Pertinence prevails in matters of grilling. You see, everything is pertinent enough to raise questions. Similar is the case with the color of your grilled food. It is advised that your meat should have the quintessential ruby red color. This color is the result of its exposure to oxygen which leads to the production of a compound called myoglobin.

Then comes the type of grill

A charcoal grill is capable of producing better flavors. This can again be attributed to chemistry. The smoke from charcoal produces certain aromatic compounds which further enhance the flavor of your grilled food. 

You now know the reasons and can now draw better food from the chemistry involved. With this, we hope that you leverage this knowledge without exploiting it. Happy grilling!

Using a Portable Handheld Vacuum for your Car 

The entire concept of handheld vacuum cleaning is centered around the comfort it gives the user while he or she takes a cleaning tour of the house. Now because the technology is portable enough, it can be taken to your car too. In fact, there are special models available which made specifically for your car. The use of handheld vacuum cleaner in a car has a lot to do with its utility and portability. You probably love your car and want it clean at all times. There is nothing better than a handheld vacuum cleaner to complete this job easily and effectively. Having said that, let us look at what is involved in the process of handheld vacuum cleaning in a car. 

The attachments 

It is extremely important that your handheld vacuum cleaner has enough attachments to take you to the oddest corners of your car. Normally, a brush, crevice tool, and stretch hose are provided with the handheld vacuum cleaner of your car.  

While portability is an important issue, it is also imperative that you reach out to all the places where dust gets accumulated inside your car. These places would not be easily accessible most of the times. You would either need to work hard or to have the correct attachment. The latter obviously sounds better. So when you use a handheld vacuum inside your car, do remember to pick up the right attachment. 

Power backup 

Power backup is recognized as one of the most important issues concerning handheld vacuuming. Your car would not always be parked near a charging station. So your vacuum cleaner should come with a car charger. You must keep this charger on hand at all times. You may even consider an ac based handheld vacuum cleaner. Generally, such vacuum cleaners have long charging cords that can reach from your house to the car. 

However, if small debris is all need to deal with, you may dwell on the one that comes with a car charger. 

The amount of power your vacuum has 

Another important issue related to handheld vacuum cleaners is the suction power associated with them. The handheld vacuum cleaner you would need for your car should have a suction power high enough to pick up tough dirt.  

Your vacuum’s current and voltage ratings do not really signify the effectiveness of your portable vacuum cleaner. You have to rely on the attachments that complement the suction power of your handheld vacuum cleaner. 

We recommend that you look for a vacuum cleaner that has a consistent suction power. That is to say that the power does not fade away. 


Another thing that you can take care of is the compactness of your handheld vacuum cleaner. As a matter of fact, bulky machines cannot be proved of utility inside the car. So carry a smaller vacuum cleaner meeting all the standards stated above. 

The aforementioned are the aspects to look out for while using a portable handheld vacuum cleaner for your car. Happy vacuuming! 

Guidelines – Healthier Grilling to Reduce Cancer Risk 

Grilling seeps into the essence of cooking, precisely. This opens up tremendous ways of cooking food on your grill. As exciting as this seems to be, it brings with itself the risk of producing carcinogens or cancer-causing compounds. Daily consumption of seared meat might increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. The statistics are staggering at a 60 percent rise in the risk if a study by the University of Minnesota is to be trusted. The reason for this process can be attributed to chemistry. Grilling meat leads to the formation of organic compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines which are acute cancer-causing compounds. Panic not, there is a way of reducing this potential risk. Read on to know how to do it. 

First things first 

You may consider choosing lean meats, trimming the fats off them before going on to grill them. Dripping fat adds to the production of the aforementioned compounds. When your meat is on the grill, you can flip it more often than normal so as to avoid charring. If, however, charring does occur, cut if off of your grilled meat before consumption. 

Do not skip the marinade 

It is a known fact that marinade has the tendency if shielding your meat against the formation of carcinogens. Researchers state that marinating your meat for about 30 minutes before grilling can hinder the production of carcinogens to an appreciable degree. 

Keep cooking times short 

Spending a sufficiently long time on the grill makes way for more exposure to flames and thus more exposure to carcinogens. To reduce time on the grill, you may consider cooking your meat in a microwave oven for some time before actually chucking it on the grill. This also ensures a proper doneness while lowering the risks. But also ensure that there is no delay in transferring the food from microwave to grill. Or rather, you can go for fish that takes time shorter than chicken or any other meat. 

Avoid these foods altogether 

Your sausages and hotdogs may taste heavenly on the grill but they are more prone to developing carcinogens. To be on the safer side, avoid grilling these items all together. 

Go for low heat 

If it is not required, try keeping the heat lower to stave off excessive charring of meat. You can even oil your grill grates properly before cooking food over them. Another way is to envelop your food with aluminum foil to keep the flames away as far as possible. 

Try vegan items 

This sounds gross but is quite pertinent in safeguarding against carcinogens. Meat is more prone to carcinogens than vegetables would ever be. Furthermore, vegetables and fruits are also loaded with phytochemicals which can perform the diametrically opposite action of carcinogens. So veggies are good. 

The grill may be your love but you need to be careful in some places for your own good. Avoiding cancer is much more important than the taste of food. With that, happy grilling! 

The Best Grilled Beef Recipe for Beginners 

Owning a grill may be a dream coming true. You may be someone who is new to the world of the grill and is still fumbling with a plethora of exotic recipes to try out. The thing about grilling, like any other skill, is that you become better at it with time. For beginners, jumping to elaborate recipes would not produce scintillating results. It is pertinent to start with the basics. If you are looking for a new pellet grill, maybe try something like the Traeger. While you move over to beef, you must understand the relation between beef and grill. The nuances of this relation are only clear once you have enough hands-on experience on your pellet grill. Because you have to tread upon this journey, we are here to help with this recipe.

The grilling technique we are going to discuss here is pretty basic and opens you up for more to be encountered in the field of grilling. So be ready with some beef and your probably new pellet grill. For reviews of pellet grills, Go here. Now, lets begin.

The required time and other little details 

A basic recipe such as this would hardly take more than 45 minutes. This time includes a preparation time of 25 minutes and a cooking time of about 20 minutes. It is fairly easy to undertake and tastes stellar. The recipe in discussion here would be enough to yield about 4 servings. On the nutrition side, this recipe is loaded with 350 calories, about 49 grams of protein, 15 grams of fat and 150mg of cholesterol. 

The required ingredients 

Like any other recipe, Grilled Beef also has its own requirements. Again, for a basic recipe, not much is demanded of you. Before you begin the trial of your pellet grill, keep the following items ready: 

  • Some cooking spray 
  • About ¾ teaspoon of black pepper, freshly ground 
  • A teaspoon of salt 
  • 8 ounces worth of ribeye steaks, trimmed to about ¾ inch thick slices 

Once you are ready for these items, you may proceed with the process of grilling. 

The procedure of cooking 

For a beginner, this might be a nervous step. But rest assured, grilling is easy if you love it enough. Just stick to the steps that follow and you would not be disappointed. 

  • Grab your steaks and cover them by sprinkling pepper and salt on them. After this, allow the steaks to rest for about 20 minutes before being dealt with further. 
  • Now fire up your grill and get it prepared. 
  • Use a towel to pat dry the steaks. 
  • Now chuck these steaks onto your pellet grill. But before that use your cooking spray on the grates of the grill. 
  • Now grill the steaks for about 2 minutes and then turn them over. Give another 2 minutes to the other side. 
  • Now take the steaks off the grill and use some foil to cover them loosely. 
  • Allow the grilled steaks about 5 minutes to stand. 

With that done, you are ready to serve them. 

See? Grilling is that simple. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get grilling! 

Is Grilled Chicken healthier than Baked Chicken? 

We often argue that chicken is healthy. As a matter of fact, it is. There is no denying this fact. We also know that grilling has the capability of enhancing the flavor of the chicken manifold. Grilled chicken is also the tastiest food in this world(arguably). But does health really vanish when we find a good flavor? Baking, on the other hand, is generally considered a healthier alternative to cooking food in oil. We see it becomes a war between taste and health. But without proof, any argument would be baseless. To come up with better terms, we need to go ahead and create a theory of what is healthier. In this write-up, we do just that. Without stretching the matter further, let us look out for answers. 

Flavour enhancement and the fat content 

You would be surprised to know that both baking and grilling are considered to be low in fat. Also, these cooking methods do not really require huge amounts of fat for cooking. We tend to marinate chicken before dealing with it. Marinating helps in seeping flavor into the chicken so that it does not depend heavily on the methods of cooking for flavor. However, baked chicken leads to very high sodium contents in it. This, in turn, increases the calorie count in your chicken. But this can be avoided by marinating before baking. 

Carcinogens associated with grilling 

Grilled chicken is prone to developing certain harmful aromatic hydrocarbons which are potential carcinogens. Charring and smoking increase the risk of production of carcinogens. However, the development of carcinogens normally occurs at prolonged high temperatures even when the method of cooking is not grilling. 

How to reduce the production of carcinogens 

While baking, it is easier to reduce the production of carcinogens. Little tweaks such as lowering the temperature of baking can do the trick. However, completely eradicating them during the process of grilling is not quite possible. They can be reduced by ridding charred parts of the chicken after grilling it or by cooking it partially in an oven before going on to grill so as to reduce the time of heat exposure. During any of the two processes, you may try turning over the chicken more often to minimize the production of carcinogens. 

Perils of consumption of carcinogens 

Carcinogens can be lethal and may easily increase the risk of pancreatic cancer in humans, as studies have shown. Though there is not any concrete evidence that the chemicals produced during the process of grilling can actually cause cancer. However, the studies do show that there is an increase in the potential risk of cancer. Also, some researchers concluded that these chemicals also increase the risk of prostate cancer in men. 

So, baking somehow beats grilling in this head on tussle. As stated earlier too, there is no concrete evidence of the repercussions but prevention is always better than the cure. You cannot really avoid grilling for that sake though, you can only try to minimize the risk associated with it. Happy grilling!